The management of the inflow and outflow of materials, products and goods between the points of origin and to the point of consumption or destination is a very complex task and with plenty of possible risks to be hurdled.


With valuable resources such as time, energy and information being managed in warehousing and distribution, the need for an efficient and reliable logistics provider becomes an essential motivation for any reputable business.


Aside from our air, sea and land freight services, our company also makes it a point to offer a comprehensive solution for all the logistical needs of our client. Over time, we have expanded our services to include the following:


  • trucking and hauling
  • storage and warehousing
  • custom brokerage
  • facilities management
  • other types of distribution (medical and pharmaceutical)
Shipping management
With Kelly Bryce Logistics, we can guarantee you that the people handling and managing your precious cargo load is in good hands.


We make sure to cover all the basics down to the littlest details of the following areas of logistics:
  • Handling and order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Distribution management
  • Supply-chain management


Want to avoid the hassle of negotiating with a buyer or a seller?

Rather than go through the nuances of it, just put your mind at ease and let your broker agent work for you to facilitate what needs to be done. Your brokerage company will work to reach a mutually beneficial outcome for you and another party, resolve points of differences if any arise, and come to an end to satisfy your business interests.

Below are of the key points that need to be done by your custom broker:


  • Order fulfilment and shipment coordination
  • Import-export handling with customs processing and clearance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Real time tracking and tracing
  • Tariff, duties classification services


So whatever your need to distribute goods and products anywhere, we will match you with the right freight carrier to transport your cargo safely from your doorstep to its destination. We are a one-stop solution to your transportation and freight needs by utilizing a vast network of professionals, innovative tools, and various modes of transport by land, sea and air.


Ports of Customs
Are you looking for ways to simplify and smoothen the regulation process of importing and exporting your goods through various ports of customs?


In order for your goods, products, and materials to move smoothly and seamlessly across points of entries and borders, tariff and regulations on trade and import must not only be understood correctly but complied with as well in full terms.

At Kelly Bryce Logistics, rest assured that we fully understand this process and can address properly all possible import and export problems and challenges that your shipment may face.

This way you can concentrate on enhancing and expanding your core business operations without worrying about shipment delays or cargo loss.

Our online tools will not only help you understand and comply with trade regulations but also help you estimate your transportation costs, duties, taxes and other fees.

  • Check import compliance and validate tariff codes
  • Create or upload customs and trade documents for customs clearance
  • Access brokerage information and contact customs brokerage
  • Monitor your shipment’s progress through a real time tracking tool
  • Wide variety of import shipping options with customs clearance


At a loss as to what are right type of tracking and hauling services that you need for your cargo load?

For the most part, trucking and hauling services are needed in conjunction with air or sea freight services.

This essential service is also heavily involved in the transport of huge quantities of raw materials, in-process and finished goods – usually from manufacturing and processing plants to various points of consumption and / or destination.

From moving vans, flatbeds, dump trucks to container trucks, Kelly Bryce Logistics offers a number of array of logistical services to better meet your trucking and hauling requirements:


  • Professional truck drivers with the knowledge and skills set to operate and handle heavily loaded trucks and its mechanical systems
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less than Truck Load (LTL)
  • Exhibition or trade show services
  • Any day or time pick-up and delivery – same day, next day, precise day or hour
  • Express and time-critical services
  • GPS satellite navigation units
  • Air-ride for truckload shipments
  • Temperature-controlled cargo
  • Chemical, sensitive or hazardous Materials handling
  • Waste, junk and scrap collection for disposal or transport to recycling centers